"Discover the sound of Malaga and share it in the place where music is experienced in the most intense way: in bars." And fill them with talent, creating experiences where emerging and established artists connect with each other and, of course, with our target, through the San Miguel action, Conectados Music Explorers.

Because big cities are best discovered through experiences.

The Costa del Sol’s capital has a musical potential that needs the kind of boost only a brand rooted in the city can give it. That’s why San Miguel created the Conectados Music Explorers cycle, a series of concerts and sessions that connect artists in a unique way, giving emerging Malagan musicians and DJs the opportunity to share a stage with established artists.

Discovering talent

Almost one hundred participants registered in the bands category and fifty in the DJ category, of which seven DJs and musicians will be selected to share an experience with the names on the official line-up.

Seven events, with a musical double bill, to give visibility to Malaga’s emerging talent and to help take the best new artist to the stage of the WAU 2018 festival.