What is it about Granada?

"Perhaps its light. Perhaps its streets. Perhaps its history.". But nobody better than the people of Granada themselves can describe the essence of a city which cannot be defined in words.

And like Granada today has to be seen from all viewpoints, Cervezas Alhambra launched its 360 campaign, divided into two stages of communication, in which the people of Granada themselves offered up their opinions on what to make of the magic of the city.


Developed through social media, with activations in points of sale and independent experimental programming, with music, food and creative workshops in the Espacio Cervezas Alhambra pop up store located in the centre of the city.

The most-viewed video on the Cervezas Alhambra channel
722,230 unique spectators
8,492 reactions
3.66% engagement (2.97% higher than the brand’s average)

Experiences in the Espacio Cervezas Alhambra (video):

15,286 visitors in two months of activity.
More than 1,600 registered for activities
20 concerts
24 craft workshops
9 Cervezas Alhambra tastings


Premiere of a short film which collects the responses from people from Granada in answer to the question ‘What is it about Granada?’ and subsequent overflow projection in emblematic squares around the city.